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domingo, 5 de septiembre de 2010

Kristen Bell Campaigning To Get 'Veronica Mars' Movie Made!

Kristen Bell was spotted taking a break from rallying her fans online for a new project and got her nails done Friday in Studio City.  Bell wants her devoted Veronica Mars fans to show the executives at the WB that you want to see the saga of Veronica Mars concluded on the big screen!  Ever since the coolest show on television was canceled in 2007, Bell and the people behind Veronica Mars have been trying to get the show made into a movie.  Rumors have been going back and forth the past few years putting to rest the possibility of a Veronica Mars movie and the possible resurrection from show to film.

Us Magazine, posted Bell's tweets to fans about the movie, "Mars fans -- can we bug @wbpictures & tell em the must do a VM film?? New tactic. Bombard em w/tweets, there's evidence of fans they cant ignore," the You Again star, tweeted Thursday.

The problem with getting the movie off the ground is the WB.  Bell says, "Unfortunately [The WB] owns the rights. They gotta make it, or set it free! We would be happy to make it privately!"  The WB won't green light or dismiss the Veronica Mars movie, but says their research shows the movie wouldn't have an audience.  Bell disagrees and is figuring out a way to show the WB execs that it does!

Bell usually gets behind great projects, like, Gossip GirlForgetting Sarah Marshall, the new comedy, You Again and Veronica Mars is no exception.  It's my favorite show and I would love to see the snarky and sassy V.Mars on the big screen, so please do what Bell is asking and lets get Veronica Mars the movie made!

Aún lo recuerdo, el último capítulo, la última escena, el último segundo, la última canción... parece que fue ayer. Simplemente I LOVE Veronica Mars

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